Marketing is a specialized portal for advertising all types of real estate in Montenegro.
The launching of the portal aims to combine the complete offer of real estate in Montenegro in one place, and make selection, search and real estate information accessible and simple to use for site visitors.
Most users have identified the portal as a place where they can most effectively advertise or find their real estate. offers users the following types of promotions:


PREMIUM ad setup guide
Legal entities



Premium ads

Advantages of premium ad: first page display, share on the FB page of the, more photos, video, always appears first in search by default.
Tax is included in the price

Instruction for setting premium ads 

You need to register on the site and set a standard ad.
Once the ad has been approved by our administrator, the ad owner has to pay Premium ads by filling in the general payment slip as follows:

- Enter name and surname
        - In the "purpose of payment" field, enter the code of the published ad
        - In the "recipient name" field, "Standiler DOO"
        - The amount depends on the number of days on which you pay the premium ad
        - Payment should be made to giro account no. 550-16941-88 at Societe Generale Bank


Legal entities

Standard entry in the address book includes:                        

  - name
  - city
  - phone number
  - address
  Price - free of charge   

Premium upis u adresar obuhvata:

Premium entry in the address book includes:

- standard entry
- logo
- web address
- e-mail
- positioning at the top of the category to which it belongs
- complete offer of your real estate on our site
- up to 6 photos
- description
- locating on the map


Price - 50 € (legal entities)
Price - 20 € (individual persons - masters, possibility to set up a business card)

Prices are shown on an annual basis, excluding tax, which is 21%.


Positions of banners visible on all sides

Dimension Rotation Price
728x90 25% 200€ + tax

Position of the Scroll Panel banner

Dimension Rotation Price
1600x1200 100% 300€ + tax

Position of the banner visible in the home page

Dimension Rotation Price
234x60 25% 80€ + tax

Position of the banner visible at the top of the other side

Dimension Rotation Price
234x60 25% 80€ + tax

Position of the banner visible on the pages of a detailed real estate survey

Dimension Rotation Price
234x60 25% 120€ + tax



Technical conditions for creative solutions

Banners are submitted in one of the following formats: jpg, gif, png.
The recommended weight of the banner is up to 40 kb. The potential sound and video elements of the banners must be initially turned off, with the possibility of release.

The prices of the banners are shown on a monthly basis, with no tax included, which is 21%.

Banner political content + 100%

Standiler doo reserves the right to refuse advertising solutions that are not in line with the editorial policy of the site. Reservations are received exclusively in writing, no later than 7 days before the start of the campaign.

Creative solutions are delivered at the earliest 48 hours before the planned start of the campaign